Two day workshop on becoming Young, Beautiful & Blissful

Anti-Ageing is both art & science focuses on prevention & curative ways to early ageing. Knowing about ones own purpose of life, directing our moods, words & deeds towards it..understanding the art of conscious dying.. Clearing unconscious death urge & enhancing the conscious life urge are the principles involved in the art & science of anti ageing. It deals with not only outer cosmetics but also the inner cosmetics.

Focuses on:

Day 1

Anti Ageing Yoga & Beauty Diet

Mental Age Reversal

Right thoughts to prevent Premature ageing and to promote Active ageing

Fears & Phobia management

BEAT-Body Energy Amplification Technology

Cosmetic Acupressure

Mirror work & Positive Affirmations to enhance positive & magical thinking

BLISSFUL BREATH-WORK to release suppressed emotional baggage

Alexander Lowes ABE technique & Zen Gibberish to release Painful Mental garbage


Memory ,Creative visualization & Relaxation for Proactive Life Style

Meditation & Lucid Dreaming for understanding our multi dimensional nature & Becoming Co-Creator

CHI-Kung for improving Grounding & Patience

Day 2

Voice dialogue & Inner child work to enhance self love; acceptance; forgiveness; gratitude; self approval ABUNDANCE & Creating Destiny

SOUL-MATE & Effective Sexual life

Art of Dying & Enhancing Conscious Life Urge

Physical Immortality

Non Dominant Hand Writings to develop intuition -creativity-spontaneity

HARA Dance & Anger & Stress releasing technology

HEAD to HEART Awareness

Know your Purpose & Life work

Other topics:-BHEL-Be Happy & Enjoy your Life

Self confidence & Effective communication skills

Radiant-Happy relationships tips

Skin – Hair-Facial glow nurturing tips

All topics will be dealt with in detail through lectures combined with demonstrations, hands-on practice sessions, and interactive sessions. All techniques will be practically demonstrated by Dr. Hari Kumar on randomly selected participants who volunteer. After each demonstration, participants are divided into groups, and each participant will be given a hands-on session by the other group mates. A wide range of audio-video multimedia presentations on related topics would also be presented during this training program to give participants the best possible information and enrich their overall experience.

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