" Blissful CORPORATES"

Two day workshop on Corporate Creativity, Harmony & Success

Modern India has recorded a tremendous face lift in the context of unprecedented strides in economy, scientific fervor, technology and knowledge base. The role of corporate has changed the tempo & tenor of the society and economy.

A new culture has been set in with its own positive and negative imprints on the life style and thinking of individuals and institutions. The bane of new culture is affecting on the fortune of the nations vital human resource – the youth.

Incorporating the ancient wisdom and new age management skills into the corporate sector brings magnificent change to counter various predicaments that trouble the corporate sector.

The corporate sector along with its fruits of flourishment also brings acute stress, abortive relationships, disinterest in family & sexual life…over ambitiousness, unhealthy competitive atmosphere & health problems due to lack of sufficient rest, physical exercise and irregular diet.

"As is our inner, So is outer."

Unfolding and realizing ones own potential brings magnificent change to lead healthy, happy & purposeful life.

SYLLABUS OF THE WORKSHOP to enrich corporate harmony & success

Module for DAY-1
  • Stress Free Mega Living
  • Positive Morning Mood & Magical Thinking
  • Effective People Management
  • Relationships & Spouse Management
  • Mind & Memory Management
  • Trust & Team Building
  • Financial Freedom
Module for DAY-2
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Mental Age Reversal
  • Fun Breathing
  • Head To Heart Awareness
  • Commonsense
  • Intuition & Luck factor
  • Boss & Souse management

In addition to these short exercises, yogic breathings, fun games, guided meditations, group discussions will be designed as per group requirement are presented with multimedia equipment to give participants the best possible information and enrich their overall experience

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