"Blissful Dreams & ESP"

A Two-Day Transformational Workshop on Dreams, Astral Voyage & ESP

We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping & we dream.- On average for a total of two hours or so-every night. Yet precisely why we dream is still uncertain. For scientists- it’s a way for the brain to process important data, For the Mystic- they are the opportunity for the soul to leave the body & experience other dimensions; while for the psychologist they represent the workings of the sub conscious mind.

Day 1
  • Why do we dream?
  • Sense & substance of our dreams
  • Levels of dreaming
  • Dream logic
  • Sacred dreaming
  • Dream recall
  • Learning to Lucid dream
  • How to remember dreams?
  • Methods of controlling excess / unwanted dreams
  • Working with dreams
  • Dream journal, Dream investigation, Dream tools
  • How to understand & interpret your dream ?

    Understanding & interpretations of common dreams like falling dreams, flying dreams, chasing dreams, ageing dreams, test dreams, naked dreams, teeth falling dreams, night mares

    Psychic & Precognitive/ future dreams
  • How to deal with night mares & night terrors
  • How to get sound sleep & cure of sleepless nights-insomnia
  • Prevention of snoring
  • Dream inventions
  • Shamanic Dreaming
  • Significance of sexual dreams & love making
  • Understanding of sleep disorders like sleep walking, sleep apnea ,sleep narcolepsy etc
  • Voice dialogue, Gestalt Therapy, Freud’s Association therapy, Non Dominant hand writings; dream investigation etc are demonstrated to understand & apply to the real life challenges and problems.
Astral Travel

What you have done thousands of times in your sleep can now become a totally conscious experience with the help of this workshop. You will learn to leave your body & explore astral realm with confidence & safety. Once you learn astral travel , the freedom you discover will transform your life. Exploring new worlds..Learn to travel with partner..Go back & forth through time …make new friends-even find a lover …but,most importantly ,lose your fear of death as you discover that you are a spiritual being independent of your physical body

Day 2
  • Astral worlds-5th Dimension
  • Astral travel requirements & Limitations
  • Exploring different worlds
  • Travelling in pairs
  • Group astral travel
  • Remote viewing
  • Astral travel during your sleep
  • NDE’s—Near Death Experiences
  • Astral bilocation
  • Teleportation
  • Dopple gangers
  • Astral travel into future & past
Methods of astral travel
  • Meditation
  • Swing method
  • French method
  • Whirlwind method
  • Visualization methods 1 & 2
  • Will power method
  • Chakra method
  • Affirmation method
  • Christos method
  • Hypnotism method
  • In addition to these topics interested by the participants like

  • team building
  • leadership qualities
  • effective communication skills
  • meditations
  • anti ageing skills
  • worry to wonders
  • hurt to humor
  • jealousy to joy etc
  • are presented with multimedia equipments ,group discussions to give participants the best possible information and enrich their overall experience

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