"Blissful Past & Future Lives"

Two day workshop on Past Life Root Cause Understanding & Karma Science
Back To The Future

We always exist simultaneously in the past, present & future. This multidimensional nature of ourselves is better understood when we visit our past lives. Past life does not mean mere past physical life times but it is the life we have spent in many bodies & in many lives from the entry point of our consciousness from the Higher Self to present Now. And it also includes the life between lives where we evaluate & design our present life & future lives depending on our energy, consciousness & wisdom accumulated so far in the past.

Past is the cause, Present is the effect

90% of our present life issues, health challenges & maladies have past life connections. The cause that has been set in motion earlier in the past creates a corresponding effect on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of the person.

The cause may be unfulfilled desire, a thought, a feeling, a vow, a promise, a decision, an evasion, an unreleased emotion or a traumatic experience. The effect may be a disease, a conflict or a malady.

Holistic Healing

“Consciously reliving and re-experiencing the past life memories & present past impressions helps us to reconnect to the lost parts of our soul and integrate previously unaccepted aspects of ourselves.

This allows you to fully re-live .. re- experience & re –understand the feelings & emotions of that life.. and helps to re-frame, re-script the past.. there by resulting in automatic holistic healing in the present moment.

Future progression & Para-gression

Future is a probability.. We can shape our future when we take the self responsibility in the present moment. Through Future Life progression, we can understand the probable future to regain confidence, acceptance of present life challenge thoroughly. Para-gression is visiting our parallel worlds where our future selves are leading their lives.. Bringing that best part of them into or present lives will help us to create our own destiny.

LBL WISDOM - LIFE BETWEEN LIVES..life is a drama but it becomes trauma If we forget our true multidimensional nature in this physical realm. We are spiritual beings chosen human conditions to establish that divine intelligence here & now. Understanding our big picture behind this self chosen drama creates a play consciousness in us while dealing worst as well as wondrous life situations. Because more is the play here , more is the enjoyment everywhere.


Session -1 with Progressive Relaxation

General past Life Regression – involves Age Regression into childhood, reliving all the significant moments of present life followed by Womb mimicking wherein, we can have the sense of security & bliss,-helps us to understand the birthing blocks and releasing them , visiting various significant past life events, reliving & re-experiencing the trauma of that life- relieving the present problem root cause , followed by past life review , understanding the big picture- coming to the present awakened state

Session -2 on Health issue

Finding the root cause of the health issue with INTUITIVE BREATHING / Re-birthing

UNDERSTANDING THE DRAMA BEHIND every TRAUMA, enhances our self-responsibility to cure the physical problems like pain to chronic illnesses from the root level.

Unless we feel the issue by reliving, we can’t handle the pros & cons of the health issue properly and totally.

Healing occurs when we feel & understand the root cause holistically.

Session-3 on Fears & Emotional issue by BRIDGE TECHNIQUE

Going away instead of facing it from any life issue further builds fear about that. Using bridge technique like visual, auditory or affect tools we will explore the root cause of fear & emotional issue in the past lives. Transformation of fear based emotions into love based emotion is felt during this session .Then the fear also provides a door to the inner wisdom.

Session -4 on relationship issues using POWER ANIMAL & ANGELIC BEINGSS

Discover your past-life ties with a person of your choice and understanding repetitive, unhealthy -dysfunctional patterns in Relationships. Unfolding of joint / group karma; finding the Soul Mate connections.

Session -5 on Retrieval of past life talents & skills using Multiple Door technique

To understand the reason for liking a particular art & skill and developing more interest in it by retrieval those talents from the past instantaneously. It helps in conversion of our weaknesses into strengths, ….a multi-life regression to seek out forgotten knowledge, Past-life talents and abilities from former lives.

Positive talents and abilities retrieved from past lives helps to understand life plan & design to accelerate the evolutionary process.

Session -6 on Future progression & LBL Wisdom through ASTRAL TRAVEL

Focus on Visiting akashik records & knowing probable future though time travel into future and knowing the big picture, meeting angels and departed near & dear ones

SOUL RETRIEVAL: Almost everybody would have experienced soul loss at some point of time in life. Whenever we face extremely painful or traumatic situation, a part of our soul essence goes into hiding so that we can survive out of it . As a result, we get depleted of our soul essence and go through our lives devoid of a vital part of our self. We often come across people making comments like "this person looks like his soul is not completely present". This actually mean that the person is intuitively able to sense the soul loss of the other person. However, it is possible to retrieve the missing soul parts and become complete again. This session covers the subject of soul loss and includes a practical exercise to retrieve the missing parts of the soul

Apart from this, understanding what is karma,it's types, karma nullification methods, meditations, looking at others past lives, over-self contact, third eye, aura, ESP, Para-gression, Designing our Destiny etc are presented with multi media and group discussions to understand & apply this practical wisdom into our real life.

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