Evolve from Body-Born Consciousness to Soul Re-Birth Consciousness

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Re-Gain a Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Refreshing, Re-aligning Re-Birth Experience ... DWIJA Second Birth Experience .. helps us to view and re-view the present existing routine-repetitive-old-monotonous-mechanical life in a new angle as a fresh experience with fresh working spirit / enthusiastic involvement.

What is Blissful Re-Birth Kriya (BRK) ?

Blissful Re-Birth Kriya (BRK) is a simple, but profound Indian yogic method of practice that helps us to erase all our negative thoughts, suppressed pent up emotions & feelings, blocks in the life force energy,wrong conditioning formed during initial formative years and serves as an opportunity to see the life very fresh by changing our attitude and personal energy.

Re-Birth is .. having fresh second birth in the same life.

Re-Birth is not synonymous with taking Next Life. It is a fresh second birth experience in the same life,

Re-birth is an opportunity to erase all the initial birthing blocks and the trauma which is incurred during our early period of life in the mother womb & around delivery, with which we usually grow into an adulterated adult that we are now.

The cleansing of BRK even extends to the past life, it cleanses past life karma influencing the present life scenario. so that the same old bored relations, work, body, health, situations will look very different, fresh, holistic and thrilling.

It is a positive elevation of our consciousness and it attracts the fresh positive situations into our lives.

BRK improves our willingness to change, and amplifies the self-responsibility quotient.

During the kriya we not only come to know but can also correct our limiting beliefs, weakness which are attracting all the ill-health, worries, stress, hurdles, conflicts, confusion into our day to day lives.

Pain Reliever

Chronic pains are associated with intense specific message to improve & correct our lives. Unless we understand the reason and implement it in a positive way, most of the illnesses or pain will recur later with more intensity and penalty. BRK releases all the energy & emotional blockages , unveils the deeper insights, so that we can evolve from the pain rather than the temporary suppression or postponement of illness, which is usually done in ancient medicine. Pain is an indirect teacher.

Excess oxygenation coupled with abundant influx of life force energy will clear the pain and the profound relaxation during this procedure will guide to understand the message associated with it.

Fear & Phobias

Every FEAR is nothing but a False Evidence / Experience .. Appealing / Appearing as if it is Real.

It is due to lack of our awareness with having high expectation - that will make us to un-see the truth, leading to horrifying-bad experience.

All fears stem from the false impressions created in the past and are indirectly,deeply connected to the fear of death.

BRK creates a conscious life urge in the place of unconscious death urge, by which many fears will be resolved totally.

Stress Buster

We all know stress is inevitable in our current day-to-day busy, mechanical & competitive world.

It is our limited thinking & unplanned activity that leads to stress.

Since nothing is by chance and everything is as per our choice, when problems are viewed as challenges, the distressing stress becomes a true Eu-Stress with creative enthusiasm benefiting encouraging results. Blissful Re -Birth Kriya is a quick way to wipe out all stress and strain.


Ageing is very natural process but, ageing very early .. pre-maturely and looking like 60 in early 20’s is abnormal.

We age early because we strongly believe that ageing is a must.

But we can also fix our age mentally, so that childlike purity with enthusiasm .. youthful dynamism with creativity .. old age maturity with wisdom can be owned at any given point of life.

BRK is an antidote to early wrinkles, dark circles, flat-dull look with plastic smile and results in more facial glow-radiance-vibrancy with pure smile


ADDICTION is adding of more fictions and not living in the reality. Habits become addiction, when we are not conscious about them. Living in fiction is due to not knowing the truth. Every fiction is based on fear. Fear of losing joy, loved ones, power, position - all makes us to get addicted. Every addiction makes us to live more in the periphery rather than at core.

Middle path is the best remedy for preventing the habits transforming into addictions. BRK brings such balanced energies into action which serves in deconditioning and reconditioning our lives.

Conscious Life Urge

Unconscious death urge is our unconscious acceptance, allowance of hurdles, miseries, conflicts, diseases into our lives. We manifest what we majorly think and believe.

BRK re-builds conscious life urge, willingness to change and a commitment to evolve, where in we live consciously with enthusiasm & creativity so that we can attract awesome abundance, wise wealth, holistic health, impeccable intelligence, sacred soul-mate relationships and godly grace into our lives

Past Lives

BRK is a very effective tool for experiencing our significant core past lives, the karmic root cause which is majorly influencing our present life problems. During BRK there is no need for any external suggestion as is used in hypnosis & guided meditations.

Intuitive-conscious-connected breaths of BRK induces the altered state of consciousness very easily and effectively which is a prerequisite for visiting past lives & future lives.

Breath & Re-Birth

  • Breath Mastery is Life Mastery.
  • Breath is our natural companion since the time of birth.
  • reath connects both inner and outer worlds.
  • Breath carries all our past life signatures.
  • Regaining effortless, spontaneous, refreshing, nose to naval breathing is the ultimate benefit of BRK.

"The Healing Power of Christ, the Magnetism of Mohammed, the Miraculous Power of Moses, the Charm of Krishna, and the Inspiration of the Buddha---all these were attained by Breath."

- Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan

Breath is the key to Creating Health and Well-being. Integrate the Healing Potential of Breath into our Practice.

The relationship with our Breath is the most vital relationship. From the first Breath to the last Breath, we are bound to the Life Force.

Breathing is a language. Like smile as expression on the face, the way we breathe reflects and expresses what is happening inside of us. In fact, the deepest aspects of our personality--our core issues in life--are revealed through how we breathe! The way we breathe is unique, our breathing is like a fingerprint.

Re-birth kriya is a Spiritual Technology of Awakening. When we work with our Breath, we automatically develop and enhance Spiritual Skills.


Since our body is made up of five elements, making friendship with our inner nature is possible by doing BRK with available external five elements. BRK with Energetic Earth element helps us to regain forbearance, surrendarance, unconditional love, forgiveness .. Wise Water Element provides flexibility, flowing consciousness, the ability to mould .. Fantabulous Fire element non- judgemental nature, expelling the darkness with in, detachment qualities Awesome Air element aids in giving life, sensing subtle dimensions .. Serene Space element suffuses us with sacredness, potential space holding, accommodative ability, spacing, adjustment so on .. so forth.


Enlightenment is nothing but throwing light onto the un-acknowledged, un-addressed aspects of our self by ourselves.

Enlightenment is the realization that all our barriers, discomforts, diseases, pains are actually are opportunities on the other end of our divine spectrum and guides us to delve in our divine dignity.

BRK helps us to breathe, witness and enjoy all the different states of our true expression and experience. During kriya we can have the first-hand experience of BLISS & SAMADHI, six chakras, third eye opening, contact with angels-guides, art of conscious dying and variety of Blissful Aha Moments

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