"Blissful Students"

Two day workshop on what is not regularly taught in schools & colleges

MBBS, M.S.(Gen Surgery) FIAGES
(M.Ch Plastic) (M.Sc Psychology)
Surgeon & Soul Scientist

“True education aims at realization of one’s own true potential and directing it for highest purpose resulting in self, society & nature’s empowerment”- Swami Vivekananda

BLISSFUL STUDENTS is a unique transformational workshop designed by Dr.Hari Kumar mainly based on his personal success in education & medical career based on oriental scientific approach & occidental spiritual approach, will definitely equip every student with excellent learning abilities, communication skills, effective leadership qualities and life satisfying spiritual soft skills.

The simple yogic exercises & guided meditations during this workshop enable majority of students to unleash their unique potential .. to enhance body-mind coordination resulting in physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually sharp, spiritually elevated &socially active individuals.


Module for DAY-1
  • Stress Free Learning though de-stressing methods
  • Proactive & Magical Thinking
  • Win-Win Attitude
  • Self-Motivation
  • Self-Confidence & Communication Skills
  • Overcoming Exam fear, Laziness &Procrastination
  • Memory & Awareness
  • Scientific Temper
  • Creative Problem Solving
Module for DAY-2
  • Goal setting & Career planning
  • Time management
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Meditation & Mind management
  • Common sense & Creativity
  • Tackling Temptations
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Sharing A Service
  • Entrepreneurship

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