Simple Scientific Healthy Asanaas to increase the flexibility of our body

Energy Mudras and Postures will streamline our Life Force Energy

Mind Relaxing Pranayamas & Breathwork helps in focusing of mind

Emotions cleansing Hara Dance & Re-Birh Kriya release all pent up of fear based emotions and allows love based lively emotions

Smile Meditation to enrich soul satisfying experiences in day to day life

Few More Benefits:

  • Health Check-ups advices by our Specialist Doctors Team
  • Psychologist’s Personal counseling
  • Nutritionis & Physiotherapist Life style guidance
  • Past Life Therapy Personal Counseling
  • Soul Gurus Self Awakening Insights
  • 15 percent concision on our Blissful Workshops

Timings Three Batches

1st Batch: 6am-7am

2nd Batch: 7am-8am & 8am-9am

3rd Batch: 10am to 12 Noon

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