Core Services

  • Free Workshops & Spiritual Get Togethers
  • Celebrity Villagers where medicine, health checkups by specialist volunteered,clothes, books free distribution,culture,music, meditation programs
  • De-addicting youth from drugs,alchol,smoking,hukkas, un-natural, un-scientific way of living
  • Eco-protection..planting one lakh eco-friendly & medicinal plants every year, mud-ganapathi, eco friendlyholi, dewali movement
  • Blissful Spiritual Get Togethers ..blissful family parties where conscious enjpyment, humor, jokes, short sensible motivational stories, hara dynamic dance, organic vegan diet, conscious de-addiction methods for smoking & alcoholism, new age spiritual philosophy, group meditation for global peace..motivational speakers messages, AV literature sharing
  • Full Moon Meditation..moon symbolizes our mind..mind is a double edged can be tuneseither towards magnificent soul..or mundane materialistic.. moon meditations catalyses our
  • Rallys, Mob awareness on De-Addiction
  • Group Meditation For Global Peace
  • Water Floating Yoga
  • Blissful Families…Resort Retreat
  • Soul Mate Selection & Blissful Relationships (For Couples, Lovers, Partners & would-be-married )
  • Anti -Ageing Yoga (to become more youthful –beautiful-blissful) includes face glow & beauty yoga, tummy yoga, glow yoga, energy yoga, hara dance yoga, zibberish, rebirthing with five elements, blissful breathwork sessions, anti-ageing acupressure, conscious life urge, fears & phobias, self loveexercisesetc
  • Blissful Billionaires & Enlightened Entrepreneurs ( B2 E2)
  • Blissful Pregnancy & Creative Parenting
  • Astral Travel & Angelic Healings
  • GLANCE of THE FUTURE though Tarot-Turkish Coffee-Candle-Intuitive Face Readings
  • Mirror Work & Affirmations
  • Blissful Rebirthing Retreat
  • Dream Analysis & Sleep Therapy
  • ESP-Astral Travael-Akashik Records-Third Eye-Mediumships-Channeling
  • Healing Inner Child
  • Re-Birthing & Art of Con
  • Hara Dance Yoga
Blissful Families Resort Retreat

focusing on Body-Mind rejuvenation of entire families and friends by simple ancient & new age yoga-pranayama-meditation techniques, body-mind-soul rejuvenating fun, food,group discussions and guided sessions, soft skills & individual counseling, group guided sessions at affordable price in a cozy & ambient resorts

Blissful Pregnancy & Creative Parenting

where would-be-mothers & parents can know the soul purpose of incoming baby, pre-birth communication, prevention of morning sickness, less painful-easy- normal delivery, avoiding birthing blocks, under-water safe delivery, infant education & parenting skills

Sacred Soul Mate Selection Retreat

For couple, would-be-married, living in relationship, lovers to know their partner’s past life connection, managing the conflict-ego-hurt-anger-emotions , personal counseling, creating best future & career, planning a creative-indigo –multi talented child, positive mood & mind management, sacred sex & divine romance , blissful life meditation & yoga etc

Blissful Children - Einstein to Buddhas

Stress management, Memory & Meditation; laziness-Anger management, focus & concentration skills, pain relieving techniques, win-win attitude, Future & Career, Success Mantra, Rebirthing Yoga & Breathing Practices, relaxing & rejuvenating Short sessions etc

Past life karma root cause understanding

Is based on the universal law of karma, cause & effect philosophy. It is a quantum shift life experience from the understanding of chance to choice consciousness..pain to play.. trauma to drama ..worry to wisdom .. nervousness to neutral- novelty-nirvana consciousness. PLR helps us to regress into the past physical & non-physical life times where our unresolved/ un-finished root cause can be thoroughly understood by revisiting & re-living which enables us to re-script & re-design our present suffering at health, psychological, financial, relationship & spiritual levels. Regression initially involves reliving our past happy moments of present life gradually followed by tracing the root cause of our suffering in early childhood, mother womb and successively into significant core past lives including period between two lives. There is no danger of either stuck or carrying the confusion / burden of previous lives into the present life..rather we can derive more clarity..openness/acceptance of forthcoming challenges makes past life regression therapy PLRT as an unique holistic tool for dealing body-mind dis-harmoy..discomforts& diseases very effectively.

Joy of Breath & Rebirthing (JOBR)

Breath connects inner & outer worlds. Breath carries all the signatures of many lives. Breath unfolds our true personality when we focus attention to it.

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