"Co-Creating BLISSFUL WORLD through"


"Smile is our Outer Expression
Bliss is our Inner Reality & Breath is the Bridge between the two worlds."


Sit in a Comfortable Posture and start with a smile on the face. Feel that every in-breath is bringing more smiles onto the face and every out-breath is spreading those smiles to whole of the body. While doing so you will find that the whole body is smiling.

Your natural, normal, tender, tranquil breath is helping to spread these smiles into each and every cell, organ & parts of body evenly and enthusiastically.

Feel that any distraction or deviation by external noisy sounds, wavering thoughts are also bringing more smiles into you. Spread these smile energy into the areas of pain or discomfort in the body, fill those areas with smile. and gradually or instantaneously you will feel the bliss replacing them. The learning message associated with these discomforts can be better known in the light of smiling energy.

Radiate & spread these blissful smiles into the surroundings and embrace your family, society, states, nations, globe and galaxies.

View your life challenges from this state of bliss and eternal spreading if all your wishes, dreams being fulfilled and enjoying the benefits totally. Be in that blissful state of spreading smiles in all the areas of life as long as you can, and slowly slowly open your eyes with smiles once you feel it’s done.

NOTE : If wandering of mind is more .. begin with 21 cycles of 4:1 Healing Breaths.. i.e, Four short breaths & fifth long belly filling breath which constitute one cycle and repeat them for 21 cycles and follow the above mentioned procedure

If you want to solve any annoying outside issues.. find & focus traces of it inside of you and fill it with smiles till you find eternal bliss . Every conflict is a reflection of our inner choice. As is our inner Micro-cosm ,so is our outer Macro-cosm.

  • Plastic smile will be replaced by Pure smile
  • Income tax paying face becomes Inspiring Face
  • Mental age reversal , living purposefully & ageing gracefully
  • Since smile is contagious, you will attract and become a source of peace, joy, wellness, harmony & oneness everywhere
  • Mega Holistic living with commonsense, sense of humor, intuition, scientific spiritual temper, living in the moment, unconditional love, sharing a service, gratitude, positive to miraculous attitude, friendly non-violent communication & middle path becomes your true nature
  • conscious life urge instead of unconscious death urge helps in memory, concentration, conscious-creative living with multi-tasking abilities, overcoming addictions.. so forth

Blissful Hyderabad by 2020 .. Blissful India by 2025 .. Blissful World by 2035

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