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HBLF –Dr.Hari’s Blissful Foundation.. is a Non-profitable, Mutual benefit, Symbiotic -Synergistic Organization founded by Dr.Hari Kumar, Surgeon & Soul Scientist in the year 2002 to spread the soul smiles & soul light globally. Founder & his team clearly understood that change in the will always begin with individual change. Earthly life is an opportunity to unleash & share our unique divine potential. Two wings of HBLF i.e, comprehensive mind-soul care & socio-spiritual service are the flight to the eternal freedom .

Vision to Mission

Spiritual Wellness is the Root!

Holistic Mind-Body Health is the Fruit!!

Our Strengths: Scientific-Spiritual Temper, Sense of Humor, Common Sense & Intuition

Our Fond Dream: Healthy-Wealthy-Happy-Wise Humanity

Our Mission: creating the Masters & Grand Masters in Soul Health & Holistic Living

Our Passion: meeting& sharing with the forgotten, lost, hidden, rejected beings among us

Our Religion: Global New Age Spirituality

We Believe in: Back to simplicity is the bliss. Bliss is everywhere, we just need an open eye to see, an empty mind to understand, a compassionate heart to feel & a helping hand to share.

We are all Gods with the same powers and innatewisdom waiting to be explored.

Our Approach: bringing out the best through relaxing-refreshing-rejuvenatingIndian ancient & Western New Age methods

We Create a Shift from Blind belief & superstition to scientific spiritualtemper..Past guilt and future worry to present moment awareness.. Problem to challenge / chance to choiceattitude.. Victim-parasitic consciousness to victory-paradise consciousness.. Stress to serenity..Suffering tooffering & sharing .. Un-conscious death urge to conscious life urge.. Sympathy to empathy .. Selfish to self-love.. Individual compartmental attitude to evolving & growing together consciousness.. Unnatural-unscientific living to natural-scientific-successful living so on.. so forth.

Our Common Platform is Global Federation of Blissful Beings & Holistic Motivators (GF-BB-HM) where holistic visionaries, doctors-healers, motivational leaders, scientists, yog-meditation experts, soul gurus-spiritual scientists, entrepreneurs-wellness experts, career guides will share,educate, inspire & trains the seekers around the globe to better their lives & the lives of those around them.

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