Who will benefit from therapies?


Fear of studies, exams- difficulty in concentration, memory-true personality development; Anger management


Stress, anxiety, depression, laziness, procrastination, sleepless nights, spondilytis, sexual issues etc Seeking financial freedom & goal setting, purpose of life To get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, Guilt of child hood abuse & past mental –emotional baggage


Along with the above..Relationship issues, inner & outer cosmetics, creative parenting etc


Would-Be-Mother counseling, Pre-marital counseling; soul mate selection; geriatric & ageing problems

Fears & Phobias

Fears of closed space, traffic & travelling; public speaking, fear of changing to new work place & job; fear of flights, heights, lifts; fear of loss & death-diseases; fear of loosing loved ones & job- position etc

Ill health- diseases not responding to conventional therapies -i.e., asthma, sinusitis, inexplicable pains, migraine, IBE etc

Suicidal thoughts & tendencies

Sleep disturbances, insomnia

Want to learn self healing techniques- to heal the root cause of suffering at thoughts, beliefs, attitude, energy level by taking self responsibility

Who want to understand the concepts like anti ageing, beautifying outer as well as inner, physical immortality, meditation & enlightenment

Dream analysis &interpretation of night mares, recurring dreams etc and their treatment.

To increase the thoughtless state & postural stability in meditation and..true spiritual understanding of third eye, astral travel, kundalini, ESP &Enlightenment

How The Therapy is Done

After initial history taking, counseling by Relaxation followed by identifying the root cause of suffering, dis-identification & transformation through specially by Past Life Regression, Future Progression & Blissful Breath work.sessions.

Breath work releases pent up of suppressed/ repressed emotions, negative thoughts & removes initial birth trauma resulting in refreshing rebirthing experience..

Replacing fear based emotions & thoughts with love based emotions & thoughts through ABE technique, Fun breathing & Candle blowing method, Shamanic techniques etc

Releasing the anger, guilt-shame, self sabotaging patterns with Voice dialogue, family constellation, gestalt therapy, Body Dialogue & Inner Child work

Total sessions of FIVE, each lasting for one to two hours; done regularly or with intervals not more than one week as per client’s convenience

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